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F12Digital is a web design company based in Sunrise Florida. We cover all of South Florida. We are talented web designers that know all the modern web design techniques. Our SEO and Google Analytics knowledge will help your business get an increased amount of traffic and therefore increase the sales of your products. Also we are professional photographers and videographers. 

We have a summer special package that includes a modern website + photography on location + web hosting for one year + online support for $1199.

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   With our streamlined design process, your website will showcase your business, products and services, be easy and intuitive to use, and increase online search results. Because we work with you in partnership, your online presence will be real and enduring, which gives your prospective customers a memorable experience. We build engaging sites that best reflect your business and welcome your customers. We use different techniques to enhance the experience on your website like Parallax Effects and JavaScript plugins. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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  Modern websites are heavily focused on large images and engaging photography. You can’t afford to neglect the need for excellent photos within your design. I offer professional photography and styling as part of our services. I am a professional photographer that can make sure to capture the shots we’ll need, without licensing fees and per-photo strings attached, just a good old-fashioned hourly rate for shoot time and editing. I specialize in staged lifestyle/product photography, head shots, also wedding and other events and commercial shots of your location and services.

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 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial component in running a successful online business since 80% of people find a business through Google or Voice Command on their phones. That is why we developed a monthly package that includes a campaign to jump-start your online presence and drive more traffic to your website.  Google Analytics has an important role of finding out who is visiting your site, what are they looking for, and much more… It’s impossible to give a firm quote for a monthly campaign until we run analysis reports and see how competitive your keywords are within your industry and targeted area. 


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Photo Editing, Illustrator and InDesign Services

   Our photo editing services include photo retouching and fixing of all the blemished and cropping, resizing of photos for different devices and screen sizes. If you are looking for a custom logo or a custom CV, this is the best place. We are specialized in Adobe CC products and hold the Adobe Certified Associate certificate.


Video Effects, Video Introductions and Production

  Video effects for a custom video introduction are our specialty. Different video effects for a video clip or a video introduction for a website after loading is something that we like to do. Video production is a time consuming but a necessary skill in today’s competitive market and we are ready for any challenge.


Logo Design, Brochures and other Marketing Material

   When you have a nice logo design and the right marketing material, the value of your brand goes up and your income goes up. Take your time to research the options that we have and different packages that we offer. Call us for a free quote.

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